I have been super excited to share with you few of my secrets.

However, regardless of how much or what kind of makeup you use, it is imperative that you indulge in a proper cleaning regime to remove all traces of chemicals from your skin.
Now for cleansing and moisturizing, Why spend so much money on eye makeup removers or makeup wipes when we all can use what most of us already have at home, or can be found, so easily for so much less.

My personal number one choice is: Argan oil, Argon oil is one of the most used beauty oil for the face in the middle east countries, the consistency and feel of the oil is so smooth and conditioning, its proven to keep your skin looking healthy and young, and help reduce lines and pigmentation.

Lately I’ve been finding makeup removers to be quite sensitive on my skin, so instead I’ve been using Argan oil or olive oil to remove my eye makeup. I feel no sensitivity around my cheeks and eyes anymore, Even, when I feel like my eyes looks tired, the oil leaves my eyes feeling smooth and refreshed, its amazing eye cream. I know what you must be thinking, oh no, how greasy, but I swear by it, as I’m not only removing my eye makeup but also conditioning my over all skin…!!!

My second choice is: Coconut oil, which is cheaper than cleansing wipes or store-bought makeup remover, it works better, and it smells like a tropical vacation. Whenever I’m wearing makeup, I’ll use coconut oil to remove it, because then you don’t have to worry about moisturizing afterwards, and you go straight to bed. It’s so good for your skin and it smells good too.”

Hey my beautiful girls, its time to replenish your skin with these Homemade and 100% organic facial cleanser!!!….Find the ingredients that suits you best and lets Mother Nature do her good work!